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The origin of the word “freelance” is interesting. Centuries ago, soldiers who were hired to fight for any group or country were called free lance. These mercenary soldiers were accounted for the types of weapons they used.


Let’s fast forward to the present day. To earn one’s keep as a freelancer, he must be able to work without depending on anyone’s supervision and he must have tools like an uber efficient internet connection, heavy duty laptop and reliable smartphone, to name a few. Another reference, the Merriam-Webster dictionary, defines freelance or freelancer as “a person who acts independently without being affiliated with or authorized by an organization.”

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First Time Freelancer Counts Blessings
By: Maria Richella Damo-Montalbo

I will always be grateful to RB-JCS Philippines for being the channel of my career and life breakthroughs!

I had been in a roller coaster ride in my thrust to find the right career that will nurture my passion for holistic growth - career development, increased income, work and life balance - I have finally found it last September 2013 through RB-JCS Philippines! 

Being a go-getter and risk taker, I have never imagined keeping my feet at home! I just wanted to take every great opportunity and then the greater opportunity thereafter. It is actually true when they say that life is a journey. And it is most especially true that if you have God walking with you, it will be easy. My turning point came when I got tired of the catch and race career marathon and finally rested at home. When you find peace, you see a clearer direction. I have submitted an application to RB-JCS for the snippets writing project. It was my
first time to be a freelancer and it was the beginning of something amazing.  Read full post >>

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